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Using Promotional Items to Boost Your Business

Using Promotional Items to Boost Your Business

Promotional products come in many shapes, sizes and price ranges, but one thing is for certain, all successful businesses use them. Why, because they work!

What is the reason behind their success? They are successful because they accomplish many objectives. Some small businesses sell them to promote themselves and they are eagerly purchased by loyal fans, any business from your local tavern or restaurant up to larger chains like Starbucks and Ben & Jerrys. Some fans are “fanatical” about the brands they use and they want the world to know it.

Other companies use them as CORPORATE GIVEAWAYS, to disseminate their brand name to the mass public. Every company would love to have their corporate name used synonymously with an action, like Xerox. People have been using the Xerox name in lieu of the word photocopy for years. Now that’s brand recognition. The cost of the giveaway compared to the value received by keeping your brand name is front of your customer’s eyes is a 10x return on your investment. This benefit creates a loyal following and brand recognition. Every brand aspires to raising their brand to the level of becoming an everyday household name.

Many promotional products are purchased without any intent of distributing them to the public. Many employers use them to identify employees, creating a sense of teamwork amongst the employees and convey professionalism to customers. Customers feel a stronger sense of security when a repairman arrives in uniform that identifying him, even before speaking a word. Customers feel more comfortable when greeted by a restaurant hostess in uniform. Ask yourself, do you feel more comfortable giving your credit card to a teenager in jeans and a t-shirt working at a restaurant or a uniformed wait staff.

So many choices

When choosing what product to distribute, be creative. Your creativity will be what makes your promo item original, memorable, and better than your competitors. There are many ways to be creative beyond choosing the product itself. When working with a talented graphic designer, the possibilities are endless. At their disposal are hundreds of combinations of fonts and colors. The artwork itself can range from business like to humor, and anywhere in between.

In selecting your promotional products, the possibilities are endless. Your choices range from the proven winners, such as pens, mugs, bags, and t-shirts to more modern, tech savvy products that have become popular in recent years, such as usb drives and cell phone chargers. In my opinion, t-shirts and bags represent free walking advertisements, like a billboard on two feet. Basically, if you can imagine it, most likely a printer can put your company name and slogan on it.

Another consideration, is tailoring your promo item to the market you are attempting to penetrate. Certain industries, or niche markets, often have proven product leaders that generate greater customer responses. Simply put, some products a more useful than others. You can browse our large online database to search for particular items by industry, category, or cost. Use our experience to your advantage.

And don’t forget charitable fundraisers, school functions, and corporate teambuilding events. Promotional products are a cost effective thank you, while keeping your name in front of donors throughout the year, encouraging them to make additional donations to your cause. Every effort to keep your name in front of the donor will be provide you with a positive payback.

It all begins with a phone call. Search our website for creative ideas, and ask us to create for you a virtual sample. Begin a conversation, and call your Elevation Communications customer service rep today.

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