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Short Run Poster Printing

Last month we wrote about how large oversized posters can positively impact your business. Today, we will explain how printing short run posters can compliment your marketing strategy in “spreading the word”.

Short run posters are digitally printed in sizes from 11 x 17 to 13 x 19. They offer quick turnaround when time is an issue. When you need short run posters printed quickly, we at Elevation Communications have continued to impress our clients with quality, custom printed posters, usually printed same day or overnight. Our client’s goals are our goals.

So how can these posters be useful? It’s a game of quantity, what smaller posters lack in impact they make up in volume. Printing several hundred of short run posters is an effective marketing tool when distributed throughout your town or desired geographical marketing target. Think when was the last time you stopped at the supermarket or bakery and noticed a cork board full of business cards and postcards. How many caught your eye? Is there a way to stand out, yes through a 11 x 17 poster, small enough to post but large enough to get noticed.

If distributing posters isn’t your speed or you’re simply too busy running your business, try folding small posters in half and mailing them to existing clients and business prospects. They are sure to get opened!

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