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Signage – Displays That Make Your Customers Say WOW!

By Printing Professional | May 12, 2017

Using Signage to Boost Business

Traditionally, signage meant billboards and similar like items. Anything printed in a super large size was called signage. Today, digital technology has completely changed the signage arena and leveled the playing field for small and medium sized businesses.

Today’s signage includes digitally printed bus wraps to printed ads several stories high on the sides of buildings. Bus wraps weren’t feasible even as little as 20 years ago. New materials allows for this type of advertising without blocking customer’s vision or impeding bus safety. Printed building wraps use similar material to convey their message. Marketers have even pushed the boundaries by using lighting displays on sides of buildings, typically used by hotels advertising the weekend’s entertainment and room specials. Digitized choreography with outdoor music is up and coming, and all this falls under the “signage” category. As you can see, signage is an extremely broad category of marketing.

Have you ever watched a baseball game on TV and realized the sign area behind home plate keeps changing advertisements every minute or two. It’s the same placement, but the messages rotate. Whether you think it’s a great idea or not, it’s all possible because of the digital signage revolution and like it or not, it’s here to stay. One major advantage is this rotating system of signage lowers the entry cost for marketers, allowing smaller businesses to get in on the action. That’s because the cost of the “digital signage space” gets split among several players.

Signage also includes trade show exhibits. Most business owners have gone to trade shows either as an exhibitor or as attendee. One can’t help to notice the evolution in the trade show displays. Gone is the branded backdrop with a table in front that has a stack of brochures for the taking. Although still effective, it appears dated. Compared that to today’s modern signage that includes digitally lit floors with 20 foot digital backdrop displays and large touchscreen TVs that are linked to the exhibitor’s website to immediately capture the visitor’s credentials and identify their needs. Now that’s customer interaction!

When choosing what type of signage you need, focus on two things; identify who the signage is meant to attract and what you, as the business owner, want to accomplish. Are you using signage to generate more leads? Will the signage get your business noticed? Are you using signage to sell to the general public or a particular niche type of customer? All these factors will influence your choice in selecting signage. There’s when dealing with professional can save you money in the long run. With that in mind, you can more effectively manage cost; generate higher customer satisfaction and a higher rate of return on your signage investment.

Another consideration in selecting your signage is designing it with the knowledge that it is meant to be used repeatedly. Sounds simple, but time and time again, we’ve seen people create their own signage or use an unqualified professional and make the mistake of dating their printed signage. Simple things like removing the date will prolong the life of your printed signage. Switching to digital signage would have prevented this issue and will provide you far more flexibility.

Keep in mind, your signage will be most effective when you use your creativity in designing signage that is original, memorable, and better than your competitors. When working with a talented signage professional, the possibilities are endless. Use their knowledge and experience to your advantage.

Signage comes in many forms; choose from a mixture of commonly available marketing ideas from vehicle wraps to interactive window displays. When signage works for you, signage will also work for your customers, so don’t forget charitable fundraisers, school functions, and corporate teambuilding events, who just like your business, need effective signage too. Keeping your business name in front of customers will provide you with positive payback throughout the year.

The lesson for business owners is to not be intimidated by the vast choices of technology used in today’s signage, but rather to embrace it. Your business’s future depends on it. I’ve written this in my other blogs, but it bears repeating, when used correctly; business owners need to look at signage as an investment, not an expense.

It all begins with a phone call. Search our website for creative ideas, and ask us about our signage options to make your business stand out and get noticed. Begin a conversation, and call your Elevation Communications customer service rep today.

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